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What is IIOT?

The internet of things (IOT) is the name for the literally billions of devices that are now connected to the internet and talking to servers, and each other.

The industrial internet of things (IIOT) is this same phenomenon, when applied into the industrial space.  That means the devices last longer, are more robust, and are typically deployed into industrial use cases like measuring soil moisture, environmental flows, air pollution in industrial plants, and so on.

Why use IIOT?

Simply, it allows things that were previously too expensive or difficult to measure or control, to be measured and controlled, often in real-time.

Some real world examples of this are measuring the smell and pollution in air around a chemical recycling plant, combined with local weather condition monitoring, in real time.  This allows the plant manager to meet their regulatory reporting requirements and handle pollution complaints with recorded data, much more easily than before.

What value does it add?

It’s all about faster access to data driven decision making, in domains of your business that were previously black boxes.

Using the real-time data IOT provides, you can drive intelligent and timely workflows and processes, gain greater visibility, accuracy and timeliness of compliance and implement predictive maintenance to reduce downtime.

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