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What is AI?

AI is a broad term covering the use of advanced statistical algorithms (e.g., neural networks) that aim to reduce the workload on human operators, and drastically increase the ability to manage recurring situations quickly and effectively.

Why use AI?

AI is immensely valuable in the world of big data, such as the Industrial IOT landscape.  Attempting to analyse how dozens of variables interact with each other, with all of them changing in real time, is a formidable if not impossible challenge for a human being.

AI takes the same approaches humans use to learn and analyse situations, and applies it at machine speeds.  This brings a huge efficiency gain compared to having a person monitor and analyse a complex data set; indeed, it makes the analysis of truly large, dynamic datasets in real time possible.

What value does it add?

AI enables fast and effective root cause analysis and risk-based decision support to make data-backed decisions that lead to better outcomes for staff, safety, risk and profits. Neural networks, deep-learning, and reinforcement learning are AI technologies that provide valuable insight into operations and equipment maintenance strategies. They enable the ability to forecast key operational events so you can better manage risk, improve sustainability and optimise your bottom line.

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Backed by extensive industry knowledge and experience, 4Zero solutions meet the unique needs of industrial operations by integrating operational data, making it visible and actionable.

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